About us

PeerEeze Fashion and Home hopes to be your source of a wide variety of retro resale technology, gifts and more for both the body and the home.  Here is where you'll likely find that retro resale electronic gear, with fashionable apparel soon to follow.  We endeavor to have timely inventory of tested resale products that meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

Yes, we're new and want to earn your trust.  You see, we're also consumers and your privacy and safety are of the utmost importance, just as much as ours is to us.  Our Shopify Store does not have access to your cardholder details.  Those transactions are handled by Stripe, Inc.  We will not send unsolicited email without your permission nor hassle you with chat boxes and the like while you're looking around.  Further, your order will be shipped within 24 business hours of full payment with a tracking number provided right away. 

So there you have it, protection through Shopify, Stripe and your own card provider.  Still, if we are not a good match for your needs at this time, understood.  Regardless, please read more about our privacy polices.

About our electronics:

The electronics sold here go through at least two and often three tests prior to shipment, once upon arrival into our inventory, again during filming and often once more right before delivery.  These tests have, indeed, revealed issues that have forced the decision to remove them from sale.  So if the product is displayed at PeerEze.com without the language, "Selling for Parts," it has passed and should be in the best working order upon arrival to your doorstep.

Why don't we sell through the major online platforms at this time?  Actually, we have an Amazon Store.  But we are a new, small business, subject to buyer fraud just as much as much as buyers are to fraud by sellers.    While sellers move a lot of goods through those other resources, we've elected to grow our business organically through other potentially fairer avenues.  

So if that item that you're looking for is not available today, please come back again the following week.  You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for visiting with us today.  Come back soon.